• Bryan D. Eisenbise, Esq.

Educational Presentation: 10 Uses for Life Insurance in Estate Planning

Estate planning is often an integral part of the financial planning process, and many clients feel a sense of urgency in relation to estate planning over other areas of financial planning. However, it is often overlooked as a revenue-producing opportunity for many financial advisors. By understanding these uses, an advisor is able to identify and take advantage of these opportunities.

This presentation is simply a list of 10 uses that I encounter often. It is a subjective list in the sense that only myself created it. As so, please email me at Bryan@TrustLegalGroup.com is any other tools, techniques, or strategies come to mind that should be added to this list.

The presentation is titled, "10 Uses for Life Insurance in Estate Planning: Basic Strategies to Consider During the Estate Planning Process." Here is a link to the slides for the presentation, and here is a link to the handout for the presentation.